This blog contains ideas, snippets, and contributions to R and Kotlin.

My name is Holger Brandl. I love (or at least try hard) to write efficient, concise and elegant R. I would like to share some of my R creations via this blog. I’m always curious to explore new ways and tools to streamline data processing.

I’ve implemented an R plugin for Intellij IDEA called R4Intellij. I’m also in love with kotlin and it’s applications to bioinformatics and data engineering, e.g kscript for simplified shell integration of kotlin snippets or krangl for in-memory table crunching.

A bit more about the author

I hold a PhD degree in machine learning, have developed some new concepts in the field of computational linguistics, and have recently co-authored publications in Nature and Sciene. Currently, I’m working as a data scientist at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany.

On major motivation for this blog is to get feedback from other data professionals about the way I use R. So please feel welcome to comment on my articles or to contact me via email. To get in touch with my open-source contributions please visit my github profile where you can also find the sources of this blog.

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